Amben ku

Come join me on my journey As we tune in to the songs playing in my head. Come while I enjoy company.. Most days I prefer walking alone.

Girly Lunch

So so exhausted. After the conference was over, after the newfound friends left – all I am left with are memories and sheer exhaustion.

Met with Maz, Dr Hadijah and Khadir at the British Library at the Sacred Texts exhibition. The exhibition was simply awesome. Beautiful old scriptures. Quran from all over the world. In the different scripts – kufic, thuluth and naskhi. Some of the Quran are illuminated beautifully too from the various countries in their own unique styles. The exhibition was really moving – from the sombre and atmosphere laden with an enlightening heaviness to the soothing music inside. I was so moved that I cried. It was just a beautiful, beautiful exhibition.

After filming was over we went back to Maz’s hotel room to leave our stuff and then walked in the beautiful spring rain in Covent Garden. We had such a magnificent lunch at the Italian Cafe. We each had pasta and shared a pizza. Maz was just over the moon especially with her hot chocolate. Later we walked around Covent Garden going from one stall and one store to another.

Had such a great time with such warm and intelligent company. That is what I miss to be able to hold meaningful conversations with such educated people. Yet at the same time they are passionate and humble. Dr Hadijah encouraged me to pursue my interests. To make my film about the Malay princesses. Perhaps one day, Insha-Allah.

Now I am down with some kind of flu. From the exhaustion and lack of sleep these past week.

Most importantly I am left inspired and motivated.

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